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  1. Tom says:

    Good Day All
    WIll follow this blog to see how a yank dodges the roos and wallibies.

    Ride on

    1. tanami says:

      Mmm! Most tourists, on first visits to Oz are amazed by the sheer volume of native wildlife…..laying cold and idle by the roadside. “Roadkill” it is called in the local lingo. It was days into my first camping/road trip across the US before I saw a bear. Here the wildlife will rub your fenders before you’re home from the airport. Thanks for the comment Tom.

  2. Tom says:

    Here in the states we also have that challenge, not only in the county but also in the cities. Possums, Coon, Deer, rabbit and squirrels try to race acrossed the road before the cars get to them. Unfortunately, they loose most of the time. It Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, the possums even don armor (and calll themselves ) armadillo, and they also loose to the Cowboys and their pickup trucks.

    No worries lads, as long as the hit on the bike and rider is not straight on, most of us will survive.


    Bear are relatively in frequent on the read kill list, however, I have seen Moose, deer, elk and porquipines along the same streatch of road in Northern Montana Colorado, and the Dakotas.

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