Get Set!

After a thorough check over the venerable r65 today went through scrutineering.  A sand tyre has been fitted for Saturdays prologue, a 22km blast held just outside of Geraldton WA.

Tomorrow the team will make the 400km journey north to Geraldton and prepare for a prologue start at around 2.30 Saturday afternoon.  After that the fun really begins as the race heads out to Kalbarri, then Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction.

The ambitious American on the old BMW is attracting some interest and plenty of support. One visitor, riding a HPN BMW dropped in to say howdy and ended up performing a dash on his own steed to grab the crew a required tank rubber.

Paul tells me that both the bike and Jason are performing brilliantly and they sure sound to be having a heap of fun. That there is what it’s all about. Here’s Jason with the beast in another picture courtesy of Ross Briggs. Ross deserves a special mention as he has kindly let  me use his images of Jason and the Rooney team on my blog. Thanks Ross, your images are always fantastic.

Lucky Stu

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