Day two – three

Jason has finished the second of today’s two selective stages (SS5 Wooramel River 260 km);
Detail provided by Troy Carpenter.

27 38 ADAMS Jason BMW
M33 04:16:31 04:35
32 38 ADAMS Jason BMW

Which places him in 32nd place overall at the completion of the second day (LEG 2) with a total time of 13 hours 32 minutes and 40 seconds.

Jason sounds to be having fun….”about 150ks into stage one I was again attacked by this crazy ozzie wilderness! Stupid fence post. Enough to break the tank mounts which yoinked a hole in the tank. Not wanted to spill any precious juice into the pristine environment i drank enough to get the level under the hole and pressed on.

Also ripped out a spark plug wire, but thankfully the bike is dual plugged so it had four, and I disconnected one coil, and ran on two plugs. Also munched another throttle cable bit splinted it with some tape and fence wire. (that shit finally came in handy, lol!) then finished the stage.”

The tank has just been been repaired and with some quick adjustments as I write this Jason is 17 minutes from heading out into day three which Paul describes as “lot’s of sand and rock

There are three specials today:

SS6 ‘Quobba’ is 69.9 km

SS7 ‘Ningaloo’ is 144.2 km

SS8 ‘Hayley’ is 196.5km

That’s a total of 410.6km through the Carnarvon region.

Go Jason!

Picture Courtesy ‘Australasian Safari

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