Day Four Done Well – Day Five Digs In.

With the drama of day three behind them day four was trouble free, though challenging for Jason and the Rooney team. With sections 9 & 10 completed the team find themselves in Position 30 overall (of motorcycles).

Ross Briggs snapped the picture below of Jason navigating the rocky terrain of Leg 4.  The toll on vehicles for the day was high and to make matters worse the leg was ‘unassisted’ (4 bikes suffered mechanical issues in SS9 and were unable to complete). When Paul saw Jason bringing her home he cried “bloody beauty!”, the rocky sections had destroyed the Big BMW’s tyres.

Jason is holding up to the grueling rally as well as anyone, blisters causing him the greatest discomfort.  Day five is a big one taking the team touring around Gascoyne Junction for an anything but leisurely 450km, not including the transport.  The leg is composed of two specials as follows:

Special Stage 11. ‘Gascoyne’ 147.25km

Special Stage 12. ‘Bidgemia’ Station 301.39km

Talking to Paul you can hear the dry dust in his voice, behind it though, you can feel the excitement of the rally…GO Team Rooney Go!

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