Day Six!

Day five closed with no major drama. A flat tyre and some navigation hiccups slowed progress but Jason brought the big BM home in 28th position overall. Picture below courtesy Australasian Safari.

Today “the Australasian Safari competition moves to Jimba Jimba Station, Winderie Station, Wooramel River, Hamelin on the coast between Carnarvon and Kalbarri and then south to the Murchison river finishing in Kalbarri. The 431km of competitive stages includes red dunes, fences, saltbush flats, river crossings and typical rough outback station roads” (Courtesy Australian Safari)

Today’s leg 6 has three special stages as outlined below:

SS13 through ‘Winderie’ Station is 114km

SS14 through ‘Carbla’ Station is 111.64km

SS15 takes the team to ‘Hamelin Bay’ for a final 205.52km

That’s a days total of total of 434.17km in special stages.  It’s the second last day, and the last day of big specials (Leg 7 specials are two at less then 30 and 20km respectively). That’s a fact I’m sure Jason is well, well aware of.  If he were not busted, bent up and fully exhausted by now then there is something wrong with him. Have you seen any of the video footage of the riders? Man they are stuffed!

Almost there man….Keep it up Jason and GO GO GO!

P.S. By the time I get back to this blog it will be all done and dusted so for up do date results keep an eye out here. Lucky Stu

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