Double the Dust!

The 2013 Australasian Safari is on for Rooney Cycle.  This year will see two Rooney Race Specials contest the extreme event. The 2012 bike (shown below being piloted by Jason Adams in last years event) is currently being refurbished and readied for another blast, this time in the hands of adventurer Neil Grime.  Meanwhile, as if he hasn’t enough to do Paul is building up a brand new bike. Rod Colling will pilot this second machine through the West Australian dust.



Both Rooney’s will run Paul’s usual array of enhancements to engine and chassis, with some new developments also rumuored to be fronting up for some extreme punishment.  Updates of the bikes as they come together and the usual unfussed comments of Paul will be posted here also.

Bit wait there’s more it seems: Rally organisers have just announced a Pre 1985 challenge Award to cater for those souls with a taste for racing and a soul reminiscent of the classic machines. Click on the link to read Rooney Special pilot Neil Grimes talk of his own taste for the era.

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  1. Diana says:

    Good Luck to you Paul and your riders, lets see if there is anyone else out there brave enough to take you on! Bring on the Pre 85’s and lets see some real machines.

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