Neils Knee Nailed

Seems the anticipation was too much for Neil Grime who while out practicing for the Safari practiced the crashing with a little too much enthusiasm. Neils knee is nailed.

So Rod is not out there talking to himself another rider will be doing some speed dating with the race bike in WA. Let’s hope they hit it off … I mean .. get it on.

Ross Briggs (rbimages) has kicked off a thread on the race over here on the Adventure Rider forum. There you can expect his usual contribution of brilliant photography. It’s probably also the best place to keep up with the ongoing discussion, that and the Australasian Safari page itself for up to date results. I’ll try and keep up with any insights I get through Paul.

So as it stands we have both bikes in category 3.3 of the MOTO division. Rod Colling is riding the 850 as number 25 and ‘To Be Confirmed’ (TBC) will be piloting the 650, number 38. Go TBC! The full entry list can be found here.

Sheesh, the drama and the team isn’t even in WA yet!


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