photographed, scrutinised and put on Show

So I just spoke to Paul.

Western Australian motorcycle riding instructor Chris Hsi (pronounced ‘cee’) has taken to the saddle of number 38, the Rooney Racing r65 like a duck to water. The team has been out and about for the past two days getting the machines tuned in and race ready. Rod Colling aboard the mighty 850 (#25) is his usual composed self. Photo below courtesy Australasian Safari. See the Facebook page!


As I write the team are at the bustling metropolis of Wanaroo just north of Perth. Fresh from having photos taken they are just now heading over to scrutineering. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and reflection while the public is invited to view machinery and chat with competitors. Friday sees the bikes and team loaded up and transported two hours north to Jurien Bay for the Ceremonial Start and prologue. The next day the fun really begins with the race setting off from Norseman.

Phone reception is going to be hit and miss but I’ll tell you what I know when I know it. Otherwise keep an eye on the thread over here on adventure rider.

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