Ceremonial Magic Sans Sacrifice!

A ceremonial and prologue start kicks off tomorrow morning at 9.45am from Julien Bay.

Chris will be out just 5 minutes after the grand oratory and live sacrifices are performed (9.50am) and 10 minutes later (10.03am) Rod heads out  aboard number 25. See here you. No doubt others that survive the ceremonial will be hot on their heels.

So get along and cheer them on! Go team Rooney! Sacrifice your self and go get some ceremonial magic!

If you, like me have been looking for the place results are posted…see here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina Smart says:

    Chris, ride hard, stay safe and have a huge load of fun. :).
    Tina & John

  2. Marie says:

    What an adventure Chris. From the salt pans to this! I’m sooooooo proud of you.
    We’ll be watching you each day.
    Enjoy, make the most of it and ride safe.

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