Out of the Box(er)

About 3 years ago I pulled apart a 1989 r100GS and packed it into a selection of boxes which I then sent away to Paul. If you ever wondered were it possible to send a motorcycle via Australia Post the following image will show that yes, with a little bit of preparation, it can be done.


Over the next couple of years the project was stop and go as personal matters played with my conviction (and wallet) and drove Paul to curse me more than once as well I would say. Well, thing is it is beginning at last to take shape. It sports a 1070cc kit and floats on Ohlins with some tasty bits from HPN/Gletter/Siebenrock/Motoren Israel to name a few.


I will post  a full build story here but I can tell you it is styled to pay tribute to the original R80g/sPD but like all good tributes the homage is coupled to some functional but also stylish improvements…

tank screen

Watch this space…(oh by the way..I have also just added a few more images to some of the pages … a few more shots of the 2013 Australasian Safari effort taken by Ken Redwood (thanks Ken!) and a nice black machine on the Rooneycycles page that somehow I missed! Sorry! Oh, and some new video for us tragics too…

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