Machine Man

What’s this? An actual picture of the man himself? Well, what better to lure the Wild Rooney out of his workshop than a subtle, tasteful, yet purposeful rehabilitation of a classic PD kitted R80G/s. Well, hello there Mr Rooney…


Deceptively standard looking at first glance, and retaining the character of the classic, yet the enthusiast will quickly identify the owners specification over stock. A 50mm swing-arm extension and Ohlins shock are evened out up front with a DRZ fork featuring also a 320mm rotor for improved stopping power; useful, given the bike has jumped up to a 1000cc and benefited from a Power Dynamo ignition and dual plugging. Of course a Rooney Collector – Muffler has been added to dispel the exhaust with minimal fuss while up front a Lynx fairing and screen offer the rider some protection and house simple Trail Tech instrumentation. Done, and, by now, dusted.



Nice Job.  A bikers bike if ever there was one.


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  1. Glenn Kester says:

    After owning the second K75 GS Special made , which in fact did numerous trips round OZ and a big stint in Europe / Asia with second owner , Paul is building an Adventure GS Airhead Special once again for me. Based on an existing special , with 850cc kit , Power DYno ignition , 38mm Mikuni , DR Z forks , 32 litre tank, Rooney Tune Collector Exaust. Just the ducks guts i reckon , looking forward to it immensely.

    1. Vulpes says:

      Keep me informed Glenn, I’d love to do a feature.

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