Rooney Tune 2018 update

Ok good people. Here it is. Copmanhurst Campground.

“Ride to Copmanhurst & stay on the Clarence Way, you go past the pub & take the 1st turn to the left, you are still in the 50 k zone.
Ride down that road to the river, sandy banks good camping + toilets.”

There is accommodation in Copmanhurst for those who would like a proper bed.

If this campground is full we have a second option that is a larger area….

“Next place is ride to Copmanhurst then stay on the Clarence Way for about 15ks turn left on Winegrove rd., till you hit the river good camping + toilets.”

I am aiming to be there Friday night (23rd) November. Stay night Saturday the 24th. Possibly Sunday also depending on what others are doing?

So we can have rides Saturday and or Sunday?

Would people like a pub dinner on the Saturday? In which case I’ll need to start getting numbers for that. Comment if you’re in.

You can email me (stu king) : desertoak (at) gmail dot com …or call text on 0428 one42 017



2 thoughts on “Rooney Tune 2018 update

  1. Adrian Valley says:

    Sounds great Stu!
    One thought, how about building up a list of names, including where people are coming from? Gives an idea of numbers and opens up the possibility of meeting up with someone on the way…….
    Something like:

    Adrian – Albany WA
    Probably heading Nullabor – Gawler Ranges – Silverton – Darling River – still working out the rest…..

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