Cosmetic Surgery

Ok, so you might already have noticed we have a fresh new look, a bit of cosmetic surgery. The website has been updated and with a bit of plastic surgery we are looking all young and hip again. Hopefully too the site is now easier to navigate with a clearer menu at top and with additional pages added with categories that make it easier to find what your looking for. What do you think?

Speaking of fresh. Look here you….

This R100gs special just today rolled out of the Rooney workshop. It features a Suzuki DRZ front end with a 320mm disc. To compliment that travel and handling the rear has been treated to a modified r1100gs swing arm. Keeping the shock on the side retains valuable space under the seat but also keeps the traditional look and feel of the now classic ride.

If you didn’t know better you might be forgiven in mistaking it for a factory machine. Nice job indeed. Looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh at the next Rooney Tune event!

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