Double Act

Some of you may remember Jason Adams. Jason rode a Rooney race bike in the 2012 Australasian Safari. You can read about that here.  Jason has also ridden the Sonora Rally (see Jasons excellent and entertaining report of that here) and, in fact, will pretty well race his Rooney wherever opportunity arises.
Having recently moved from the US to the EU where he met up with Manuel Schad. Manuel owns SWT sports, where he builds BMW specials before flogging the around enduro circuits.  It seemed Natural that Jason and Manuel would get together and they have done it in style.
Manuel and Jason laughing in the face of an impending mud caking.
Jason and Manuel have competed in the 2 cylinder class of the 2019 European endurosport enthusiasts groups international challenge. Jason riding his Rooney framed special and Manuel on his SWT special.
Jason on the Rooney special in what appears to be the driest part of the circuit!
It looks to me like they had a bucket load of fun, they certainly look pleased with themselves covered in mud.  Happy as a pig in sh#t  … err … mud? Manuel even managed to take away a trophy at the end of the day.
Jason (l) and Manuel (r). The smiles say it all.
It’s great to see a Rooney special racing, I know it gets the man himself very pleased indeed. It’s even better to see connections being made, through these amazing machines, with great people sharing passions and experiences.
Manuel in action in among the slop.
Manuel has done a write up of the event you can read about in full here (google will auto translate if you are using chrome).
He also has a blog where he reports on his racing exploits, builds, and the adventures of his own and others. Check it out here.
Jason negotiates the slop on his Rooney mud pig.
Kinda makes you wish you were there huh. Yeah, me too.

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