Well this doesn’t come along very often!
A Race Bred Road Registered Rooney Rallye
This machine was once the pinnacle of  The Rooney racing fleet. A nimble, powerful, desert racing machine/potential duel sport weapon. It remains to this day one of Paul’s Favorite bikes.
This bike has genuine race provenance having competed in Australasian Safari’s and the Condo.
Image by Ross Briggs
But fear not…the bike has less than 2000kms since a full rebuild.  Everything…engine, trans, forks… Engine is the 1000cc heads mated to 650 bottom end, giving the wonderfully usable power and revvy engine. Balanced and mated to mikuni flat sides. Power dynamo with lithium battery. Full head stock height snorkel. Breathers, hard head bash guards, bash plate, ICO, MD road book roller. Tuned suspension with 4860 forks and hyper pro shock. Everything to go racing. Or seriously epic duel sport riding. With boxes of spares. The frame is freshly powder coating on frame (now orange).
Image by Ross Briggs
The asking price is $13000ono. It has NSW registration (8 months). Many spares including shock, exhaust, plastics, spare power dynamo system, and wear items. There are a few special tools including exhaust spanners ECT that will be included.
With Frame now Orange…It’s the bike on the Right!
The bad – side stand removed and lost in transit. Leans on the tree quiet well.
Exhaust headers have a few dings. These have seen some use in racing before I had bike rebuilt. Bike come with new spares.
If you are interested in this machine get in touch with the regretful current owner,
Neil : 0 four nine 0 eight 7 five 7 three 4

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