‘Rooney Tune’ 2020

That’s right, it’s on again folks.  This is the big one for 2020 .  You can forget the Chilean national plebiscite, the New Caledonian Independence  Referendum, the actual bloody departure of the UK from the EU, or even that bat-shit crazy contest they have in the US seemingly to find the stupidest person alive.

The time for your Rooney Tune up is nigh!

Just in time to re-tune your mind to the vibe of the road, adjust your tappet to the taste of the passing air,  and sync your heart with the wide brown (recently blackened?) land.  Rooney Tune in, turn on and turn up!

The 2020 Rooney Tune will  be held a little earlier in the year. This is to make it more pleasant for those coming  from hotter climates and those needing to escape colder ones.   So we are happening on Friday 21st to Monday 24th of August.  (Highest monthly mean temp in Copmanhurst for August is 26.9c, lowest mean is 19.6c.  Those are ‘means’ note – so it can get colder and it can get warmer.). Most will be there on the weekend but a few of us will arrive on the Friday and some not leave until the Monday.

Finally, though it was never a closed event, we are openly welcoming all comers, no matter what you ride. Just have a love of riding or travel, an appreciation of cycles, and a friendly, easy going demeanor.

The Copmanhurst Rodeo Ground is on the banks of the Clarence River.  There are showers and toilets at the rodeo ground for a gold coin donation per night.  The pub is just a walk away, does meals (and some nice local jerky) and has a couple of cabins also.  More information will follow soon. You can contact me (Stu) via the form below, ask away or just leave your number and I’ll give you a call.

So, who’s in?

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