Rooney Tune 2021 : The Vaccinated Edition

August 20 – 22 : 2021 : Copmanhurst NSW.

In those shiny happy days before the scourge of Covid a band of Rooney Cyclist mustered among the rich green grass lining the banks the Clarence River at Copmanhurst NSW.

The inaugural Rooney Tune gathering in 2018 attracted folk from from all corners of the country; Darwin, Perth, Tasmania and a bunch of places in between.

Oh what times were had! Sorry you missed it huh? fear not…..all that crazy shenanigans it was agreed would occur again, in…err 2020.

But then…a tiny little issue got in the way of that plan. Still, The faithful ol boxer engine has been going strong this long, it’s not like a global pandemic is going to stop things now. Well, not again anyway.

Because this time we’re injecting a fuel additive at the annual service. Now there’s still a bit of conjecture about the effectiveness of these fuel additive injections and it’s possible we might not all get our hands on a bottle in time to ride out. So if you can, get your self injected and get out on the road.

Oh, and you don’t need to be on a Rooney machine to attend. Any bike will do. Just don’t be a jerk. We have a strict no jerks policy.

Otherwise, come share a toast at the Copmanhurst ale house or a coffee in the reflection of the sunrise upon the Clarence River.

Some sights in the hood include the Tanks Traps on Paddys Flat Road Tooloom. and for pure riding bliss you could do worse than getting “lost” anywhere between Urbenville, Bonalbo and Boonoo Boonoo.  Unless it was you happened upon the ghost of another local named Captain Thunderbolt.  Beware indeed intrepid traveller, there are plenty of ghosts around.  Careful not to find oneself waylaid in the dark of the convict tunnel on the old Glenn Innes road, or passing through the nearby Ghost town of Dalmorton.

Southerners note that all of this lies only a little north of the Oxley Highway, renown to be one of the finest bits of motorcycling magic  in the world. One emerging at the peak of that experience (or travelling north on the A15) could do worse then a jaunt a little south to the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum in Tamworth.

Those who happen heading in from the north east may find the magic twists and turns and troughs and ridges might hide a bigger picture. The peak of Mt Warning, spectacular in itself is a mere mile-marker indicating you’re on, or indeed in, one of the biggest erosion caldera in the world.

You cant take a wrong turn really. So I guess we’ll see you there.

Click the link below for location.


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