This Time For Sure

This time, for sure, no, really.

‘Rooney Tune 2022’

See how that rolls off the tongue. It was always meant to be.

And because let’s face it, the stickers from the ill-fated 2021 covid edition were just shit. So, we just had to do it over.

Ah yes. Come fire, Plaque, or Flood, the Rooney will persevere.

August 20 – 21 : 2022 : Copmanhurst NSW

Rod Colling making his way to Rooney Tune 2021, he’s still out there, somewhere, among the howl of the Yeti.

You’ll find us mustering in the rodeo ground. You can’t miss it, or you could – and use that as excuse to stop at the pub and ask. As always there will be camping by the river. Hot showers by gold coin donation. There are a few rooms at the pub for those seeking creature comforts after a long (or short even) ride.

If you missed Rooney Tune 2021 you…err…. weren’t alone. Because wisely, nobody showed. And yet, incredibly, here are some images from the event. If that’s what came out of the virtual version you clearly don’t want to miss the real thing. On your bike then …

See you there then hey.


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