About this site

I get a few inquiries through this web site from people assuming it is a site owned and operated by Paul.  Those that have met Paul though will inform you he is very definitely not one for self promotion.

This web site in fact, is my way of saying thanks to a guy that went way, way out if his way to help me stay on the road in the 1990’s, and in fact, still does today. But back then I was poor student with a rough as guts 81 r80g/s. At the time I literally stumbled across Paul’s workshop. The internet was just an infant and finding specialists was largely by word of mouth so this was no insignificant discovery.

my r80g/s at the time I met Paul, around 1995.

Before the time I rode onto Paul’s driveway he had already completed many GS specials, a few of which I came to know over the next few years, all of which I came to love.  And although it would be some years away before work would start on my own ‘special build’  it was only through Paul’s generosity and knowledge that I was able to stay mobile on my ageing machine.

Myself with Paul around 20 years, and two Rooney Special machines, later.