Flight of the Condo

The 2016 Condo 750 realised some welcome, and to be honest, surprisingly good results for the Rooney BMW R65 Rally.

The decision to enter the race was a last minute one, preparation time was limited and rider Joel Spoor, while undoubtedly skilled, had spent little time on the bike.  He was also new to competitive rally racing and the ridiculously crazy art of navigating while riding. In addition, the r65 itself had been idle and needed full prepping.

But in testimony to man and machine, aginst those odds, Joel managed to bring number 661 & the Rooney Racing Team home 6th in class, and 20th overall. The full results can be found here. Check them out, viewed among the full complement of competitors you can see what an absolutely awesome result that is.


Image Courtesy ‘Sidetrack’ (ADVrider)

Special mention has to go to Joel.  Such as … Bloody nice work Joel. The result is worth more than the value of the win alone. It points to the potential many supporters, and many passive observers of the Rooney Race Team have envisioned. And, importantly, it fuels the desire to keep racing, to push it harder, faster, finer, and see just what that potential might be.  Bring it on.

Congratulations Paul, and well done Joel.


Image courtesy Donat O’Kelly.

Special thanks to ‘Sidetrack’ on ADVrider,  Donat O’Kelly @ ‘OK photo‘, and Ross Briggs @ RBimage.