For Sale

On occasion a Rooney Special comes up for sale by an owner needing to move on.

To get your own bespoke Rooney built by Paul takes about two years. And that’s best case secenario – because the reality is that Paul Rooney is not rushing to take on more projects at this time in his life – though you might, might, be lucky.

So, if you ‘want it now’ picking up a second hand Rooney Special makes a lot of sense. It’s also a good deal cheaper and while you might not get the exact machine you visioned the money you save you can use to make it your own.


For Sale : This Battle of the Twins (BOTT) inspired superbike is just the thing to carve up the hills – or perhaps a cafe racer – with a double shot of racer. Asking $18,000. You could pay the same for a ‘cosmetically restored’ cafe racer, or, you can by the real deal and get the go to match the show!

Read the incredible back story, engineering and performance detail of this machine HERE.

Contact Max : 04 Zero Zero Zero 44 969


SOLD : Looking for an off road touring machine ready to go around the country or around the world with simple, reliable performance and classic style? Look no further than this classic G/S. This one has been fully sorted and done little work since a complete and thorough rebuild. To build this again would be over thirty K now.

Dispel any doubt and read the build story HERE.