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Aha, you found the tragic button. Welcome BMW tragic. Here you can engross your self in blind worship of BMW GS specials by various builders in fully biased action:

In the beginning there was..

GS History 101

GS History 102


1985 Paris Dakar Part 1.

1985 Paris Dakar Part 2.

1985 Paris Dakar Part 3.

1985 Paris Dakar Part 4.


1987 Paris Dakar Part 1

1987 Paris Dakar part 2.

Check out this awesome effort by my ‘G/S friend’ Honza in Prague…

BMW Classic Enduro

Yet more GS worship in this (following) interview with Ralf Rodepeter, head of the BMW museum in Munich. Ralf rode the 2012 GS Trophy on the legendary r80g/s. Here he sings the machines praises. Stuff we already know but love listening too anyway!