Rooney Frame

Paul has developed a number of component solutions that enable the construct and function of  many machines.  But it is his box frame represents the foundation of a holistic machine designed with the intent to bring together years of learning and experience. Anyone that has ridden one will tell you. It works.  

Above is a the box frame used in touring form, and coupled with the ever reliable mono series final drive. This machine has made several intercontinental journeys.

Above is a box frame privateer race bike that has seen competition in the USA and EU. The order for this frame kit was placed after the owner raced a similar framed machine in the  Australasian Safari.

Image by Ross Briggs RBimage.

The race frame lacks the large tool storage compartment of the touring version, but as can be seen in the image above, both can be adapted to make use of a range suspension and final drive solutions to suit the clients desired end use.

The above is perhaps the most extreme interpretation of this solution to date. The Rooney Box Frame here is mate to a custom fabricated swing-arm designed to achieve the desired suspension movement for a race machine without a corresponding  increase in wheel base.  I can say from experience, this bike is a wild ride.

Above is a clearer image of the Rooney Frame. This being the race version and so the vertical tube under the seat hold tools. in the touring version this space holds a much larger tool / spares box. Below is the race version of the frame on an Australasian Safari bike.

Below is the touring version of the box frame with a large tools/spares compartment below the seat.